Will and Trust Administration

Whether there was a Will or a Living Trust, there needs to be administration of the estate.  Naturally, probate is very involved, requires court proceedings, possible bond for the representative, permission to sell and distribute things, formal accountings, and per the last estimate from the California Bar Association I heard, attorneys are telling clients to expect a probate administration to take two or more years.

Add to that general complications like pandemics, wildfires, personal issues, and it now can take longer, even double that earlier estimate.

A Living Trust almost always avoids any kind of court involvement.  Of course there can be exceptions, but they usually are ones that are easier to resolve.

In either situation, Will or Trust, I have 40 years of experience assisting people to get through the administration.

Tell me the facts of your case and the cost and time is slashed to a small percentage of what court and attorney costs charge.

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