Fees shown here are examples of fee arrangements that can be made for simple to more complex services.  Because of the way the system works through Paypal's online payment system, the Shopping Cart is created so you can select a single posted fee or, if warranted, you may add more than one "cart item" to equal the fee you are trying to pay, i.e., if your fee were agreed to be $850, you would select both the $600 and the $250 buttons to equal $850.  Watch the "Cart" carefully to make sure that only the item(s) you wished to check are shown.  There is a "remove" feature you can use to change any error you made in the price, so you can adjust it and make it correct before you enter your payment information.

You are always in control of the services you request and the fee agreement we make.  Written fee agreements are made between us.   For your convenience Paypal and credit cards may be accepted by agreement.   Most fees are paid by Bank Cashier's Check, Money Order, or Cash and paid in person or by regular mail.  Personal Checks are not accepted.

Service Fees