Do You need a Trust or a Will?  Seriously?

It's hard for me to keep my cool when someone asks me that question.

The answer is No, not if you want the State to make all the decisions about your hard-earned property and your spouse and your children, including things like who gets your children and their money, if any.  If you really don't care, what more can I say.

You don't need a Health Directive or Power of Attorney either, if you want to let whomever is handy either make your emergency medical decisions or have your family arguing and fighting over whether to pull your plug!

Most of the information you probably want is under the Probate section of this website already.  

Not everyone needs a Trust.  If you don't have any real property, have very little or no money, and have no minor children, a Will may be all you need.  If you do have any real property or have minor children, you should do some more reading online or talk to an attorney about Trusts.  

I can't give you legal advice because I am not an attorney.  I can only tell you that for a few hundred dollars (with me) vs. much more (with an attorney) and multiple thousands of dollars more if you don't have a trust (and needed one), you have made, in my opinion very foolish and selfish decisions.

I've have heard people say, "Let my heirs pay for getting anything they get from my estate."  And also, "I have no one I want to leave anything to, so "_______ it!"  

If you really want thousands of dollars to go to legal fees instead of to your family, friends, church, etc., and buy some attorney you don't know a new car, okay, you may do that.  

If you really don't like anyone, how about leaving your estate to a charity that does research for cancer, the SPCA or any animal shelter, a food bank, a school?  I hope there is something you care about.

The truth is, we are all going to die someday and when it's my time to go, I don't want to regret a careless, bitter action.  I want to leave with the peace of mind that I did the best I could and possibly left behind a gift of love to someone or something.