Your case may be properly filed in Solano County or any other county in California according to the rules determining jurisdiction.  If you have moved or will move out of the state, jurisdiction may still be proper in the County where you used to live because the other party or the children may still reside there.  I am based in Solano County, but for all my long-distance clients, I am able to assist you by communicating via email, telephone, and the mails.


According to a previous Family Law Presiding Judge, about two-thirds of family law cases, like divorces, separations, and matters concerning children are filed by persons who choose to represent themselves without an attorney.  Most of those people rely on the services of a Legal Document Assistant.

Uncontested matters rarely require either party to ever go to court because I handle preparation of all the paperwork and make the court filings from start to finish.  

Contested matters typically require some appearance(s) by the parties, or at least one party; however, sometimes the one or two issues that may be disputed by the parties can be settled in one hearing and the case can then proceed to a stipulated judgment, essentially becoming uncontested.  

I can assist in all situations and have attorneys available to give you legal advice on matters that you may need "legal advice" on.  The attorneys are also available if you believe you want to be accompanied to your hearing(s), even though you have used my services for preparing your paperwork, which results in a substantial saving of money.


I urge my clients, or customers, if you prefer that term, to settle their differences so they can keep rather than spend their money on attorney's fees.  Don't become a victim of emotion.  That only costs more money you could have saved and kept or divided between you.

Consultations are available in my office and, if you are long-distance, by telephone, at a nominal cost.